Strong Mattress



Strong Mattress is a spring mattress with different stiffness of the sides. On one side the mattress has medium hardness which is achieved by a combination of memory foam and coconut fiber with bi-components. On the other side the mattress has high rigidity due to the double layer of coconut fiber with bi-components. Coconut fiber with bi-components is the modern combined material based on the combination of high-density fiber and natural coconut coir which gives extra hardness to the bed and supports permanent moisture and air exchange, and has increased wear resistance which allows the mattress to retain its consumer properties for a long time. The mattress includes highly elastic foam with the effect of “memory” which following the outline of your body relieves the muscles, allowing you to take a comfortable position of the body and gives unforgettable feelings during sleep and rest. At the heart of the mattress is a five-zone spring block which provides optimal support for the sleeping body. The spring block zones are arranged in such a way that the pressure from different parts of the human body is homogeneous. The use of the zoned spring block makes it possible to maximize the supporting effect of the heavier parts of the body.


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